Spreadstorm v1.1.0

Today we released Spreadstorm v1.1.0 with ingame achievements and bunch of fixes and improvements, It will provide extra dimensionality to the game objectives and adds more ways to playthrough it.


  • Added ingame achievements
  • Added Screen Mode selector instead of nonfunctional fullscreen toggle in Video Settings.
  • Added hints to Hacking Panel, Modules window and additional hint near the Inverter on level 004.00.
  • Modules window now displays "Current energy" and "Maximum energy" stats.
  • Added "gamepad recommended" label in main menu.
  • Shorter date format for game saves and custom levels.


  • We changed internal format of playtime in save files (due to preparation to adding achievements into game). Unfortunately it will be reset to 00:00 in all save files.


  • Fixed wrong resizing of UI elements, when changing screen resolution.
  • Fixed text in dropdowns being unreadable on higher resolutions.
  • Fixed scroll sensitivity in dropdowns.
  • [Gamepad] Fixed highlighting of UI elements when settings window first opened.
  • Fixed missing panel with number on level 009.00
  • Fixed missing sound on Nuke action
  • Fixed some panels which could not be hacked manually

Now it's time to rest a bit in anticipation of your feedback and think about ways of further game development.



spreadstorm-win64.zip 499 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 20, 2018
spreadstorm-linux64.zip 565 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 20, 2018

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