Spreadstorm v0.78 released

Three months of hard work have passed and now we can share the results with you. This update includes a lot of exciting changes: first version of level editor, total rework of Tracer and Patrol mechanics and levels, based on them, AI improvements, hacking mini-game extension and 9 new levels! With this update we, in fact, reached our two main Early Access goals: creating level editor and doubling the amount of levels. But we are still far from completion. Whereas in this update we concentrated on reworking of existing game mechanics and levels, it's time to implement and playtest a lot of ideas we have and start moving towards the 1.0 version. So we are planning to release the last Early Access update in May with bugfixing and several levels for timer mechanics and then the full game release with all new stuff.

Now let's talk about the update.

Note. This new version has partial compatibility with old savegames. However, some levels has significant changes and would be automatically reset if they present in save file. Also all saved levels with enemies may not work correctly. So, we recommend to start a new game. If you would like to continue your old savegames, we have made the old build available on different Steam branch named v0.67.

Level editor

Easily create new levels and playtest them. You can also share them with friends (manually for now). Main menu -> Extra -> Level Editor. Create your own experience.

Tracer and Patrol mechanics rework

Previous implementation gave no room for mistake. For example, if you triggered the Patrol you almost instantly lost. Now you can learn the enemy's behavior and completely avoid it even if you made a mistake.

Two new node types

Try to guess what it can be.

More hacking mini-game variations

It is way more exciting to hack now.

9 new levels

Everyone likes new levels.

And much more

You can find full release notes in the game under the Updates section.

Best regards and see you soon,
unbeGames team.


spreadstorm-win64.zip 499 MB
Version 0.78.0 Apr 17, 2018
spreadstorm-linux64.zip 565 MB
Version 0.78.0 Apr 17, 2018

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