Spreadstorm: Exploration update is out

We proud to announce, that the next piece of the puzzle came to its place and Spreadstorm moved to the next stage of evolution. Since day one we've wanted to create not just a simple puzzle, but bring Spreadstorm into the world interesting enough to explore. We had an idea, what this world would to be and every single level was crafted with this idea in mind. So, we made three-dimensional map of this place and before creating the next new level, we carefully thought out its location, direction and size on this map. The result looked like this:

This was good foundation and helped a lot when the time has come to start building the environment. And guess what? The whole last month we spent working on this, but it definitely was worth it (although there is still much work to be done on game world).

Besides environment, we added yet another six new levels and heavely reworked the area of timers. And of course, made some minor fixes and improvements.
This was last Early Access update, and, if everything will go according to plan, Spreadstorm will be fully released soon.
Thank you for your attention and see you in the next update.


spreadstorm-win64.zip 499 MB
Version 0.89.0 Jun 06, 2018
spreadstorm-linux64.zip 565 MB
Version 0.89.0 Jun 06, 2018

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Very curious to see the final result. The game is already nice, but also lacking something to catch player's attention, i think, and this exploration stuff seems to be a great way to cover it.